The French online course

Czas trwania kursu Bezterminowo
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The French online course

O kursie

Have you ever wondered how you learned your mother tongue? How well do you know the grammar of the language you use every day? Do you use it intuitively? We have learned the answers to these questions. We are both French teachers and our children are multilingual. You ask how? The answer is simple, through everyday contact with the language and listening to its melody, the construction of sentences and the intuitive use of words. Leave grammar and books and start listening to the language you want to learn. Based on our experience, we have created the French online course that allows you to learn in a natural way, just as you learned your mother tongue. For 5 days a week we provide our students with 15 minute video recordings during which we present new vocabulary, short phrases and sentence constructions. Recordings are only in French, so the effects of the course are visible after the first week. Moreover, we offer our time to support our students and help them in choosing additional content, because watching TV in French, listening to songs or audiobooks will speed up your learning. We want to create a community that will support and help each other to achieve their goals together. We know how difficult it is to find time to learn today, that's why we will help you to implement rituals that will allow you to learn effortlessly. The biggest advantage of our course is that you decide when you learn. You can watch your recordings at home when you have time. We guarantee results!